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Government Of India in its latest move start charging massive 15 % service tax on all digital transactions

In its latest move Government Of India has now start charge 15 % service tax on all the digital transactions which are taking place between the buyer from taxable territory(India) and the seller who is located in a non taxable … Continue reading

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ARK Survival Evolved: A game with lot of potential but currently ruined by the so called alpha tribes

ARK Survival Evolved is one of the best survival game out there and there is no doubt in accepting that fact. Good AI, decent graphics, lot of dinos, lot of building structure options and much more. But all these good … Continue reading

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We are back!

Hi all of you. It is always good to be back approx. after 2 years. Don’t think we are going anywhere. We were always here, just got little busy on some other things. We are now back to bring you … Continue reading

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Amazon to enter into Indian market with but indirectly

Amazon as you all know is one of the worlds largest ecommerce retailer with strong presence in many countries like USA, Canada, Germany etc. But irrespective of this fact, Amazon has no presence at all in the Indian ecommerce industry which is growing at a fast pace. But things have changed when Amazon launched website for Indian customers which will act as an ecommerce aggregator for various online shopping websites in India. But this move is completely unrelated to the fact that Amazon will actually sell the products here in India as foreign companies are not allowed to enter into Indian ecommerce space. Continue reading

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Facing frequent problems with Reliance broadband

Reliance broadband is definitely one of the most lucrative ISP in India on paper. In fact they are the only ISP in India to provide a 2 Mbps connection for just Rs. 649 and a 4 Mbps connection for Rs. 1099. Both these plans are pure unlimited and there is no restriction downloading/uploading limit as imposed by other ISPs like BSNL and AirTel. Continue reading

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