9 thoughts on “Firefox not available on my Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus. How can i dowload?

  1. Firefox for Android will not run on ARM V6 based CPU.

    There is a version under development for ARM v 6 only then you can experience the beauty of new Firefox!

  2. Thanks for the detailed reply Rajiv.
    Can you tell me which is the best browser for Android

  3. Thanks for selecting my answer

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  4. Still using ARM v6!! kick these old smartphones from your house asap. Samsung is one of the manufacturer that is still using this crap in their low end smartphones just to gain more and more profit from newbie buyers. I will suggest you to buy phones like Xperia Tipo which actually supports all the latest browsers and Temple Run game for example.

    Samsung please start making some good budget android phones. Your Galaxy y is still not up to the mark irrespective of the fact that you have already launched its upgraded version in the form of Galaxy Y Duos.

    Thank You

  5. I do agree with KKI on this matter but KKI you need to know the fact that not everyone can afford Xperia Tipo. It is still around Rs. 2000 costlier than Galaxy Y. 2000 is a lot of amount for majority of budget buyers.

    My suggestion is that in case if you really want android then wait till you have a good budget for affording one. Avoid buying cheap android is what i suggest.

  6. But what about cheap android phones from company like Micromax. I think they can also do well. But yea quality is always a concern for these companies.

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