VLC media player now available on Android

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media player on Windows operating System. It is extremely popular because of the fact that it can play most of the video formats out there without the need of any plugin or extra software. Now this media player is available on Android also.

  1. VLC media player app is already available on Apple IOS.
  2. It was recently released for Android OS also.
  3. The main point of concern in Android version of this app is that it is still in beta phase which means that it can contain some unresolved bugs or errors.
  4. Most of the apps which are being released presently supports only latest architecture of ARM CPU. As usual this new app is also incompatible with old ARM V6 CPU which is to be found in majority of the old and low end Android phones.
  5. It will not run on old Android 1.6 based smartphones and will support only  Android version 2.1 +