ARK Survival Evolved: A game with lot of potential but currently ruined by the so called alpha tribes

imageARK Survival Evolved is one of the best survival game out there and there is no doubt in accepting that fact. Good AI, decent graphics, lot of dinos, lot of building structure options and much more. But all these good things are being currently over shadowed by something know as Alpha Tribes in mostly all of the Official ARK servers. First of all I want to tell you is that I am one of the most enthusiastic ARK player out there and have played more than 1000 hours. So you can take my word for guaranteed.

Most of the official servers are currently unplayable. In case if your tribe wants to grow big in terms of taming high level dinos then please take my word and avoid official servers like plague. The official server works on the fact that who ever joins first will have the full advantage over the others who will join later on and I do agree with this fact. It’s a PVP and we do expect PVP like environment on official servers. But currently the environment on the official servers is far from a PVP like. Big tribes constantly raiding smaller tribes. Making stupid rules so that alpha tribes can get more reasons to punish the weaker tribes.

Most of these alpha tribes playing on the official servers for quite a bit of time. They are not alphas because they were first and have played more than you. But instead they are alphas because there was full blown use of hack tools in the initial stages of the game. Developers had later on implemented anti cheat system called BattleEye but it was too late and too little.