Apple iPad Mini rival is here in the form of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung vs. Apple is a common news now a days. Both of these the giants are at fierce competition with each other due to the fact that Apple thinks that Samsung copied its iPhone design so as to compete with it in the international market. Nevertheless these patent infringement cases between these two companies are here to stay. So this is about the competition between Samsung and Apple going in the courtroom. Now let us come to the actual playground.

As you all know that Apple had launched iPad Mini few months back in order to compete with the Android tablets in the 7 inch category and to compete with Apple iPad Mini, Samsung will soon reveal the all new Galaxy note 8 tablet at World Mobile Congress (going to be held in Barcelona, Spain) with some versatile features which blows Apple iPad Mini out of water.

Galaxy Note 8 features a decent 7.9 inch capacitive display. Not only this, it also have a SIM card slot which means Galaxy Note 8 will come with an ability to use 2G/3G network to make voice and video calls. That is definitely a cool feature which is not present in Apple iPad Mini.

It is expected to come pre loaded with Google’s Android operating system ‘JellyBean’ 4.1 as compared to Android 4.0 which is the pre loaded OS in the Galaxy Note 10.1 . As usual the Galaxy Note 8 will come with a capacitive Stylus so as to take advantage of exclusive apps designed Galaxy Note series and its Stylus.

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