Android and Apple IOS continue to rise in USA

Android and IOS undoubtedly are one of the mobile operating systems in the world today and their popularity continue to rise day by day. As per the latest data gathered by comScore survey both Android and IOS are witnessing explosive growth rate in USA. Here are the few points extracted from that report:

  1. There are approximately 110 million smartphone users in USA
  2. Out of 110 million 50.9% use Android OS based handset.
  3. 31.9% use Apple IOS based iPhone. There is rise of about 1.7 % in the market share of IOS.
  4. Users of Windows Phone based smartphones rise from 3.9% to 4.0%. Not a significant growth but still positive sign for Microsoft.
  5. RIM’s Blackberry is the only looser here. There market share dropped from 13.4% to 11.4%. Due to this RIM has to restructure their company by laying of its employees. There are also rumours that it will strike a deal with Microsoft to save RIM from becoming bankrupt.
  6. As far as the manufacturers are concerned than Samsung leads the list woth 25.7% market share followed by LG with 19.1%. Apple is ate their with a market share of 15%.