Amazon to enter into Indian market with but indirectly

Amazon as you all know is one of the worlds largest ecommerce retailer with strong presence in many countries like USA, Canada, Germany etc. But irrespective of this fact, Amazon has no presence at all in the Indian ecommerce industry which is growing at a fast pace. But things have changed when Amazon launched website for Indian customers which will act as an ecommerce aggregator for various online shopping websites in India. But this move is completely unrelated to the fact that Amazon will actually sell the products here in India as foreign companies are not allowed to enter into Indian ecommerce space.

Now after experimenting with for approximately 1 year, Amazon has ultimately decided to launch its own website for India at Again will only be listing products from different shopkeepers and will help them in shipping to the end users. Amazon will not their own inventory on as it will be against Indian law given in the 1st paragraph. But still it is a good news for thousands of Indian customers as they are now quite sure that Amazon will enter into Indian ecommerce as soon as law is changed.

Presently will only list physical books for sale. Electronics and other products will be added later as per the website. As an introductory offer Amazon will offer free shipping for all the products whose shipping can be fulfilled by Amazon. After this offer, shipping will be free only for orders above Rs. 500. Presently Flipkart is the most dominant leader of Indian ecommerce industry..

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